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  • Jewelry Type : Pendant
  • Type of stone : Rose Quartz
  • Pendant Type: Angel with metal hanger
  • Dimensions: ≈ Height 3cm x Width 2cm x Thickness 1cm
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Sold without chain

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant

  • This very pretty angel pendant will accompany you every day and give you a loving presence.


    As a symbol of peace, rose quartz brings immense reassurance. Rose quartz helps us to soothe our mental and emotional wounds. It is a pendant that we can wear close to our heart. Rose quartz is also the stone of love, passion and the heart chakra.




    Please note : For legal reasons it is important to mention that the use of healing stones does not replace a visit to a doctor or therapist.


    In case of health problems you should urgently consult a doctor.


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