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Thank you very much for the warm comments.
Greetings of light, Florian

Rock crystal pyramid2

Hello Florian,

wow, that is so so beautiful - thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending the crystals.
You have arrived today and feel like a warm hug.
Thank you for your high light work!

Amethyst Spitze3

— Angelika@Bochum

“Oh, how wonderful!
Gives 10/10 points from me.
I love this amethyst! Its color and transparency are incredible.
I can heartily recommend Crystalbeautiful.”

21 bergkristall

— Nataschka@Bochum

“Very beautiful rock crystal tip.
It was packaged very carefully
and securely.”

— Marinashana@Diessen


— Sebastian@Dusseldorf

“High recommendation from me.

Packaged so nicely.

Do you know where to get my Christmas presents?

will buy.”

Amethyst drop pendant2.jpg

— Lisou@Dusseldorf

“I am very excited about the purchase of my amethyst pendant. Unbelievable how themselves

improved my sleep



— Gabrielle@Stühlingen

“I treasure your crystals..They are of high vibration and purity. To recommend!”

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