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Stone of Wisdom and Healing

The Greeks were already convinced that the stone gave mankind stability and protected against magic and homesickness. It is also called the gem of wisdom and is very suitable for meditation.

Amethyst has positive effects on our body: it has a calming effect on us, helps us to sleep peacefully without nightmares. It promotes concentration and intuition. It also helps us with sadness and sorrow.

The amethyst creates inner peace, calm and serenity. Nevertheless, it has helpful effects on our psyche. It stimulates the imagination, takes away the fear of exams and helps with learning difficulties. He helps to act and judge justly.

An amethyst should be rinsed with lukewarm water once a month. It can be charged in a cluster of Amethyst Crystals. It should be avoided to charge the amethyst in the sun. It is recommended to charge the amethyst in the moonlight.

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