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Fluorite has the extraordinary ability to take on all colors of the color spectrum.
Fluorite has fascinated people since ancient times with its wide variety of colors. Its luminescence also adds to its appeal.
Fluorite symbolizes clarity of mind.   Therefore, fluorite affects the ability to recognize, formulate and deliver essential messages. It also helps to promote clear and calm interpretation of events and increase discernment.

The green fluorite is particularly suitable as a healing stone for concentration and learning difficulties.
This healing stone helps to reshape life, alleviate fears, awaken suppressed feelings and intensify feelings. In addition, one-sided perspectives and restrictive lifestyles can be discarded with its help. The green fluorite promotes intuition and sensitizes for love and friendships.

Charge, discharge, clean
The fluorite should be discharged under lukewarm water once a week and charged with a rock crystal or in the sun. 

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