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Stone of Protection

The stone obsidian was named after the Roman Obsius, who brought it to Rome from Ethiopia. 
Because of its special fracture, weapons and sculptures were already made from this volcanic glass in the Stone Age and later by the Native Americans, as it was particularly well suited for this purpose, just like flint. 
In ancient times, obsidian was used to make artistic objects and mirrors. 
In modern times, obsidian is highly valued as a gemstone and for the production of art objects.
Endowed with a strong celestial protective power.
By bringing the spiritual dimension into everyday life, the stone will comfort its wearer and bring them the truth. It will make them mentally stronger while expanding their field of consciousness.
The black obsidian stone will cleanse your aura and rid it of all toxins to do you good. You can then calmly get rid of your negativity and disharmony in your relationships.
The black obsidian stone is also known as king agate. It is formed quickly from the cooled lava of a volcano. That is why it has the strongest energies. It has the elements fire, water and earth.
Obsidian is one of the most important healing stones. Black obsidian is particularly good at releasing blockages, shock, fears and traumas. 
It helps to deal with past and unpleasant experiences and to release associated pain and helps to learn from these experiences. 

Charging, discharging, cleansing
The obsidian should be discharged once a month under running lukewarm water and recharged in the sun or with a rock crystal.

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