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Stone of Angels

Derived from Latin "coelestis" or "caelestis" meaning heavenly. The Celestine is also known as the "Stone of the Angels".

It has been known since ancient times that the celestine stone has special properties. It was therefore highly valued by alchemists and magicians. At that time, knowledge of this stone was reserved for adherents of mystical knowledge and occult sciences. So this stone remained unknown to outsiders for a long time.

The Celestin has great energetic power. Its most important quality is to give peace and comfort.

This particular stone is also a creative natural stone. It is used in art, promotes imagination and thus artistic creation. Its energy also helps eliminate stage fright or nervousness. In addition, the celestial stone is useful for promoting communication and clairvoyance. Its colored rays open the throat chakra, helping to solve communication problems. It ensures peace and harmony, strengthens friendships and love relationships and helps to avoid conflicts. 
It is also commonly used in meditation and due to its high vibration it leads to wisdom, spiritual peace and enlightenment.

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