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Lapis Lazuli

Stone of the Kings

Known as a feel-good stone, lapis lazuli improves interpersonal relationships. It brings people closer together and creates an aura of shared joy around its owner.
The lapis lazuli uplifts the soul and stabilizes the spirit. It is a stone of wisdom, confidence, intuition and creative expression. It helps with introspection, inner discipline and makes you stronger, more focused and calmer at the same time.

The lapis lazuli stone also represents health, nobility, luck, elegance and purity.
The lapis lazuli has been mined for 7000 years and is one of the most popular rocks in mineralogy as well as in jewelery making and lithotherapy. It is used to make jewelry, ornaments, artwork and many other luxurious items. 
For the Egyptians, lapis lazuli was a symbol of divine power, strength and courage. They associated the color blue with immortality and infinity. Lapis lazuli stones are thus a symbol of power, both spiritual and political.

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