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Rock crystal druse - U

A beautiful, clear rock crystal druse of unique quality with marvellous inclusions.

Quarz Cluster - U (5)_edited.jpg

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  • Stone shape: Rock crystal cluster

  • Type of stone: Rock crystal

  • Weight: 17.6 kg

  • Size: 22 high x 42 x 32 cm

  • Type of product: Natural polished cluster

  • Origin: Brazil

Quarz Cluster - U (4)_edited.jpg
Quarz Cluster - U (3).jpg

Rock crystal is the stone of purity and light. Rock crystals help you to think clearly and to interpret and understand situations correctly. It promotes your concentration and calms your nervous system in stressful and overwhelming situations. An ideal stone to improve your everyday life and your life situation through its positive properties and healing energies.

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