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  • Jewelry type : Pendant
  • Type of stone : Hematite
  • Pendant type : Stone drilled
  • Dimensions : ≈ between 2 and 3cm.
  • Chain type : Sold with your choice of black, blue, green, gray or brown cotton cord.
  • Origin: Brazil

Hematite pierced stone pendant

  • Hematite helps you to listen to yourself and to recognize what is wrong. It promotes the ability to listen to others and also strengthens your self-confidence. Hematite promotes your patience and gives you strength to overcome and solve problems.




    In ancient times, people wore this special stone around their necks because they believed that its power would protect them from misfortune and diseases.






    The pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord that can be knotted and adjusted as needed.












    Please note : For legal reasons, it should be mentioned here that the use of healing stones in no way replaces a visit to the doctor or therapist.


    In case of health problems you should urgently consult a doctor.


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