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  • Type of jewellery : Bracelet
  • Type of stone : Jasper red
  • Type of bead : Crystals
  • Bead size : 6mm
  • Clasp and wire type : Claspless - Elastic thread
  • Origin : Brazil

Jasper Red Bracelet 6mm

  • This pretty bracelet made of the natural stone red jasper consists of 6 mm beads. It is very soft to the touch and with its beautiful red colour makes an excellent gift for all your loved ones.


    Red Jasper is known for its stimulating effect due to its bright red colouring and is a natural symbol of stability and strength. It is a mineral with which you can strengthen your relationship with your own body and achieve reconciliation with it.


    Jasper is directly connected to the telluric energies and provides the life energy one needs for daily tasks.


    On the spiritual level, the red jasper tumbled stone is a water element that enables the purification and strengthening of the aura.



    The colour red symbolises the connection to the material world, to the physical body. In ancient Egypt, red jasper was used to guarantee fertility and symbolise eternal life.


    This unique bracelet can be worn very well in everyday life as well as on special occasions. See for yourself.




    Please note : For legal reasons, it should be mentioned here that the use of healing stones does not replace a visit to a doctor or therapist.


    In case of health problems, you should urgently consult a doctor.


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