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  • Jewelry Type : Pendant
  • Type of stone : Tiger eye red
  • Pendant type : Stone drilled
  • Dimensions : ≈ between 2 and 3cm.
  • Chain type : Sold with a choice of black, blue, green, gray or brown cotton cord.
  • Origin: Brazil

Tiger Eye Red Drilled Pendant Stone

  • The red tiger eye is also called ox eye or bull eye. It can be recognized by its deep red color, highlighted by black and brown or even yellow and orange.




    The tiger eye has a protective effect and is worn to give strength and courage. Ideal for everyday wear to achieve personal or professional goals, the red tiger eye stone represents energy and strength.




    This stone resolutely refers to strength, both through its color, which is warm and energetic, and through its name, an animal that represents power and strength.




    Red tiger's eye is also traditionally associated with fertility and creation. Its multiple meanings resonate more broadly with the solar plexus and each chakra, those points where life energy is concentrated.




    Men and women have always sought stones or natural pearls whose powers help them multiply their strength while feeling better in their bodies. The red tiger eye fulfills all of these desires.






    The pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord that can be knotted and adjusted as needed.



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