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  • Type of jewellery : Bracelet
  • Type of stone : Labradorite white
  • Type of bead : Baroque beads
  • Bead size : 10mm
  • Clasp and wire type : Claspless - Elasticated thread
  • Origin : Brazil

Bracelet Labradorite white "Rainbow Moonstone" Baroque

  • White labradorite is a stone of trust. It could help you to have more confidence in yourself, your abilities, your decisions and your future. It is therefore an excellent stone for people who are constantly hesitating and doubting and are unable to make decisions.

    It is also a vitalising stone that could help you to calm your mind, reduce mental stress and relieve fatigue. White labradorite is also recommended for people who have suffered an emotional shock or who find it difficult to open up to others.

    It is a stone that promotes the opening of spiritual awareness and could stimulate intuition and premonitory dreams. It promotes a more positive view of the future, but can also allow you to fully enjoy the present.

    White labradorite promotes acceptance, both self-acceptance and acceptance of others, but also acceptance of the various events in life. This stone is said to radiate balancing, calming and protective energies and thus promote general well-being.



    Please note: For legal reasons, it should be mentioned at this point that the use of healing stones in no way replaces a visit to the doctor or therapist.  

    If you have health problems, you should urgently consult a doctor or therapist.   The use of healing stones for health problems is to be understood as complementary and on your own responsibility.

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