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  • Stone shape : Tumbled stones
  • Type of stone : Hematite
  • Size : between 2 and 3cm
  • 100% natural hematite tumbled stone
  • Origin : Brazilian

Hematite tumbled stone AA quality

  • Hematite tumbled stone has a metallic appearance and is jet black. Hematite tumbled stone helps us to develop in a harmonious way. It gives courage and willpower. It improves the ability to listen to ourselves and others. Hematite tumbled stone supports women who are shy by nature and helps to strengthen self-respect, so it gives confidence.


    It is recommended to wear the stone on the skin to perceive all its strengths.








    Please note : For legal reasons, it should be mentioned here that the use of healing stones in no way replaces a visit to the doctor or therapist.


    In case of health problems you should urgently consult a doctor.


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