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  • Type of jewellery: This pendant is made of sterling silver (925°) and heated to 850° C. With enamel and gold-plated details.
  • Colour: Light blue
  • Size: 11.25 mm
  • With silver chain
  • Made in: Greece
  • Designed by Giampouras

flower pendant

58,00 €Price
  • Flower pendant boosts your spring mood.

    "Daisies" symbolise simplicity, purity and happiness. The wildflowers that welcome spring adorn the spring fields. They remind us of the years of innocence and activate the carelessness and spontaneity of a child. They add freshness to our style and revitalise our mood.

    This dainty pendant is made of sterling silver (925) and heated to 850 C. Intricately crafted, it gives a realistic effect of flower beauty. The fineness and clarity of the enamel capture all the freshness and purity. A minimal daisy pendant illuminates your neckline.

    Nature adorns flowers with a palette of colours that revive memories of the most nostalgic moments of our lives. Their beauty and vibration can offer us the strongest protection.

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