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  • Stone shape: Free form
  • Type of stone: Citrine
  • Weight: 419gr
  • Size: 11.8 high x 6 x 4 cm
  • Type of product : Mineral point
  • Materials : Citrine Origin: Madagascar

Citrine point N21

  • It is a natural, transparent, slightly yellow-brown citrine point. It is not often found in its natural form. In Madagascar, it is also known as cognaccitrine due to its characteristic pale yellow color. Citrine is recommended for courageous and determined people. It goes very well with loyal people and also helps to give us strength for work. Its energy also calms our mind.

    Please note: For legal reasons, it should be mentioned at this point that the use of healing stones is in no way a substitute for a visit to the doctor or therapist. If you have health problems, you should urgently consult a doctor.

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