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  • Type of stone : Pyramid
  • Type of stone : Rose quartz
  • Size of the pyramid : 2.5cm
  • Weight : ≈ 13grs
  • Origin : Brazil

Rose quartz pyramid - RB

  • Rose quartz is a special type of quartz. It can have a color that ranges from pale pink to dark pink to whitish tones. The more impressive the stones are, the more pronounced the pink color: this unique pink quartz pyramid radiates a special purity. Rose quartz has the peculiarity of having transparent, glass-like inclusions. In ancient times, it was referred to as "krustallos", or ice. This prestigious stone has been used to make jewelry and ornaments since the beginning of time. All ancient civilizations used rose quartz as a talisman.

    Rose quartz was named differently depending on the culture: "haushga" by the Hourrites, or "ashtarot" by the Hebrews. Certain civilizations, especially the Romans, carved their seals from rose quartz. These seals, symbols of strength and nobility, were cut from rocks imported by boat. The crystal balls, which date back to the Middle Ages, are made of rose quartz. It was also used by doctors, especially for making various potions. Rose quartz is the stone of love par excellence. According to a Greek legend, Aphrodite herself was at the origin of the creation of pink quartz. Today, this stone is extracted from deposits all over the world, but the most impressive deposits are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

    Please note: For legal reasons, it should be mentioned at this point that the use of healing stones is in no way a substitute for a visit to the doctor or therapist. If you have health problems, you should urgently consult a doctor.

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